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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Crazy Videos

Well i'm finally back posting again. It took me a minute trying to get all these new features your seeing on my site. Soon I will be adding 1-3 pictures per post including my old posts and maybe a radio blog, so you can listen to musiq that you yourself can pick while reading this site.

Anyways I have some very crazy videos. Some are hilarious, while others are very graphic. Be prepared to be shocked!

Videos Link~View Blog (Juelz ~Genie~ Jaker #16)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

I Dream Of Genie

What's up fams? Well obviously I did a lot of remodeling with my blog. We now got a forum to chat in, a stat counter, polls, blog links (please click on these), and most importantly a Genie friend. His name is Juelz Genie Jaker AKA Mr. Genie and he is my boi. He has a story to tell and will be staying with us for a good long time. He will comment on old and new posts, fans comments, people that chat in the forum, and his life. To see Mr. Genie, click on any of the posts link that says "Juelz ~Genie~ Jaker (#)". So please welcome Genie and leave a few comments for him. Ya never know he may just read them and talk about you sometime.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


How is everyone? Well just lettin ya'll know I got into a fight the other day. I lost and the lil nigga won. We was fightin over some stupid shit too. I don't even really remember what it was we were fightin over cuz we was trippin on E Ecstasy (drug). Ya know that sayin "what comes around, goes around"? Well he definietly has somethin comin for him. I got mother fuckin a black eye and I got sharp pain in my back that hurts too much man.

I think everyone is more interested in a girlfight though. So here ya go.......
Chick Fight

Good lookin
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