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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

X-men: Deaths And Rebirths

Everyone here must know who the X-men are. They have had countless comics, cartoons, movies, cards, videogames, watches, lunchboxes, popsicles, rings, candy, action figures, novels, posters, clothing, clocks, phones, etc. etc. etc. So if you don't know who they are you musta been living six feet under son! Anyways though for those who really don't know the X-men, they are mutants always trying to show the humans that they can live peacefully together. Back on the issue though. Many fans are completetly upset over the fact their dead X-men are returning beyond their graves once again. The three most recent X-men Deaths and Rebirths are.......

Psylocke Death and Rebirth: http://www.mutanthigh.com/psylocke.html
Colossus Death and Rebirth: http://www.mutanthigh.com/colossus.html
Jean Grey (Phoenix) multiple Deaths and Rebirths: http://www.mutanthigh.com/phoenixIV.html

One fans reaction from www.x-mencomics.com is........"I can't believe this utter bullshit! Can a writer ever write something new? What happened with that!? I lost faith in Marvel and have decided to end my 6 year collection of the X_men comics."

Another fan from the same site writes........"This all started from Chris Claremont (the writer that got X-men famous) with his crazy ideas! He brought back Jean the first time when she was supposed to stay DEAD! What a old basterd. What a lard of HUGE sacks of shit! That mother fucker is a horrible writer who could never get away from the past."

So is this true? Is the X-men franchise losing their fans everytime a rebirth is started?

There are even upset fans producing twisted material. One fan made a comic of Wolverine and Cyclops attacking and killing their beloved Jean Grey in a sadistic and cruel manner for no reason but this.....

WOLVERINE: You should of died you cunt! You Bitchly old timer!
CYCLOPS: I never loved you Jennie! You old sea bag!
JEAN: I always loved you both so much! I will always forgive!
while Jean is saying this Wolverine lops her head off.

Another hater of X-men made 2 hilarious animated movies showing why he hates the X-men which again comes back to the deaths and unnecessary rebirths of the X-men. One animated film is showing a confused and dumbfounded team of X-men trying to piece together how many times each character died. The other film has to be seen to be adored. If you would like to watch these animated films made by a use to be fan then click on the links below.

*Death Becomes Them* I rate it 8/10

*Dark Phoenix Rising* I rate it 10/10

*House Of M (Part 1)* I rate it 9/10

*Insane X-men (The Game)* I rate it 5/10
Insane X-Men (Game)
Insane X-Men Game (Forum)

After watching these short films a fan from Brian K. Vaughan forums states........"I'll guarantee you'll laugh. Especially if you read the Grant Morrison run on New X-Men."forum name ~charles

Another fan at BKV says......"Those are funny!" forum name ~Carlos the Dwarf

Some others fans spread all over www.x-mencomics.com www.newsarama.com forums etc. after seen the short films says...... "This shows the truth of the X-men. They probably will die out soon. The X-men are fading away because the fans are not getting what they deserve!"

Another fan who cusses to much says......"The X-men is fucking over! It's pathetic really. The X-men franchise is falling apart because writers won't listen to the fans with the dead stay dead rules. Marvel just lost another reader and they can all fucking suck my dick and die for all I care." ~cookie me

While a long time fan read mentions....."I have been a X-men reader for over 23 years and now the X-men are losing it. They die and return like there is no continuity. No stream of collective writers conscious. These shows I just watched proved it!"

So in the end is it true? Are the X-men fading away? Are they another fad? Or is it just a few haters who can't hurt the franchise of ~The X-men~

Leave comments and let me know.....


  • At Tuesday, May 17, 2005 12:53:00 PM, Anonymous Lil Cascade said…

    What!?!?!?? I can't believe this article! Why are you bashing X-men so hard!? You rarely wrote anything good about the X-men! I was offened by those links you gave to those animated X-men movies. Don't ever post anything like this AGAIN!

  • At Tuesday, May 17, 2005 1:47:00 PM, Anonymous Jeffrey said…

    Um, the poster that obviously hates Chris Claremont's work and thinks that Chris Claremont brought Jean Grey back from the dead needs to brush up on his X-Men history. Jean was brought back for X-Factor which was written by Bob Layton not Chris Claremont. As far as I know, Chris Claremont had nothing to do with the decision.

    The thing with death and resurrection is that sometimes characters come back because that is what the author originally intended like Psylocke and sometimes it is because of fan's negative reaction to the death and the fact that they ask for the character's return until Marvel caves in.


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